Friday, October 8, 2010

To expose the fraud: WinRAR to compress 775MB 13.4MB

I believe many people probably remember about a year ago was used to compress an empty file 100MB 1MB, then put into the 1.44MB floppy disk, and led to numerous spittle farce Why?

Recently, the author of a well-known in the country to see such a post Forum: A Russian's ARPG game to a 755MB compressed file size is only 13.4MB! From 755MB to 13.4MB, which is amazing what a compression ratio of Oh! Indeed a ripple, flew forum attracted many users of the incredible evaluation. In the end is not really that amazing? Is is a hoax? According to the post by the prompt to download the file address, I also curious to start the following test.


Click (extract password erased), this "magic" of the file downloaded to the local hard disk, open its properties, and found that we usually do not use the Common self-extracting file format, and size really is only 13.4MB, compression rate of 1%!

Figure 1:755 MB compressed file turned out to be 13.4MB!?

Figure 2: such a high compression ratio and amazing!

We should know that the latest version of WinRAR has supported file format, directly with the latest version of WinRAR to unpack, get three files, one of the MDF file size is really 755MB, if played Sacred (Sacred Discipline) This game should know that this is CD1 mirror, can be used Deamon load.

Figure 3: File size

I was not interested in the game itself, but know the MDF file compression ratio is not likely so high, why have such a high compression rate? And extracting such a large 755MB file, even when less than 1 minute!

Figure 4: The shocking speed

WinRAR by this author tried to achieve the highest compression ratio method, to extract out of the 755MB file to re-compress it again.

Tip: How to get the highest compression rate of WinRAR?

1. Use the "best" compression, run in WinRAR "Settings 鈫?Options 鈫?Options 鈫?Create the default compression compression configuration" open "to set the default compression options" window, in the "General" tab of "compression "field select the" best. "

2. On the compressed file or the same type of large number of small files, you can in the "Archive options" bar check "to create a fixed file file", and do not use the recovery record, in the "default compression option" is not checked " set to resume recording. "

3. With the best dictionary file: "default compression options" window, switch to the "Advanced" tab, click the "compression" button in the pop-up window "conventional compression column," select "Dictionary File" of the size of the largest "4096KB".

The author has compressed many times the size of the results obtained are between 16MB ~ 20MB, and compressed into the compression rate of 13.4MB is quite close, and to compress the time required to less than 4 minutes! "God" a?

Figure 5: We personally compressed, it has also to be such a high compression ratio?

Figure 6: re-compression

However, this is often used for file compression is not confused by the author, can be sure that the original author of the document source tampered. In the absence of the game's original CD, so CD can not be compared with CDCheck software to compare the before and after the two CD. So, I thought of using 16-bit text editor UltraEdit to directly analyze the source code. Open the 755MB file took a lot of time and found that most of the source code file is 00!, This file is a compressed air-scam!

Figure 7: The file's source code actually is 00! Empty file?!


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