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WinGate FAQ

WinGate is a proxy server and firewall software package that allows multiple users simultaneous access only through a connection Internet. I use it in the process of collection, summarizes some small experience, is dedicated to you "size."

Q: Client QQ, network flashget Ant and how to set?

A: First confirmed WinGate server is enabled by default Socks proxy service, QQ client preferences in the network settings tab, find the proxy settings, select the "Use Socks5 proxy server", "Proxy server address" enter WinGate server's IP address, the default port is 1080, such as the WinGate server to allow anonymous access to optional user name and password, press the test button, if you can over the line through.
Netants, Flashget set method similar to the "Options" settings find the "Agent" tab, add a "proxy server", enter the server address, port type and port number (FTP port default is 21) , must be noted that even if the server does not offer Socks, and FTP proxy services can use the HTTP proxy port (default 80), and then set it to "Default Proxy" button.

Q: What applications to install WinGate client?

A: The need for a direct Internet connection without support Socks proxy service programs (such as NetMeeting) need to install the WinGate Client software. In the WinGate client configuration is successful, the client application should be configured to direct Internet connection, but no longer need to configure proxy server parameters. As the LAN only WinGate server has a valid WAN IP, can only call other people using NetMeeting, or receive calls within the LAN can not accept calls from the Internet.

Q: OE and Foxmail how to send and receive E-mail settings?

A: OE and use the client to receive e-mail settings Foxmail easier POP3 server mail program is set to WinGate server's IP address, attention should POP3 account in the "@" symbol to crosswise " "such as your original account is" ", be changed to" user # ". However, mail has some problems, WinGate's SMTP proxy can only set up a server, which means you have to find a letter of the SMTP server allows anonymous to ensure that the LAN users to use different mail letters, so best to own build an SMTP server on the server.

Q: I have IIS installed WinGate server to use port 80, the WWW service can be modified into WinGate as another port?

A: Yes, as long as no other server on port conflict on the line. In fact, modify the port there are other useful, for example, you do not want to let other people use QQ but do not want to influence their use, the Socks in the server port set to other numbers. Some SMTP port by increasing the number of SMTP servers to resolve the problem letter, but the server and the client set a lot of trouble.

Q: WinGate server cache (Cache) is set too bigger better?

A:. Because the hard disk is increasingly becoming the bottleneck of the whole system, Cache is too large, multiple concurrent client access to server hard disk will cause congestion, the current mainstream models (CPU: P 鈪?800MHz, memory: 128MB) according to the number of users and access custom settings for the 100MB ~ 200MB is enough.

Q: Why browse the server where the content can not be added to the Cache?

A: First of all, the server must also like the same client can be WinGate Internet through a proxy cache, followed by some pages (such as ASP, PHP) dynamically to access Internet, generally can not be saved in the Cache.

Q: How WinGate server to filter out undesirable sites?

A: WinGate server side in a strategic (Policies) to filter sites. But take note, WinGate support the transfer of HTTP to Socks, Socks proxy service must be both in the application of the policy. Setting an example with the following? Quot; sex "site filter string.

The first step: in the WWW proxy service in the establishment of a strategy

By Administrator log on to the Gatekeeper, double-click Services (Services) tab of the WWW Proxy Service (WWW proxy service) to edit. Selection strategy (Policies) tab, the default rights (System policies) option, choose to ignore (Are ignored). Click Add (Add), select "All" radio button (Everyone) as an acceptable strategy for users. Click the ban list of labels (Ban list), click open the prohibited list of options (Enable ban list option). Click Add (Add), restrict a specific site, click This criterion is met if, select the HTTP URL, in the middle of the input box, select "contains" (Contains from the list). In the last input box, type "sex", increase the other to join the list of prohibited content, save your settings.

Step Two: Application Strategy

Double-click the Socks proxy service, select Socks Advanced (Advanced) tab, the HTTP protocol option, select the Use following policy button. Then the next menu, select the WWW Proxy server entries, click OK and save.

Q: Set the "use dial", the why, when access to LAN resources, WinGate also dial-up?

A: This is a request from the workstation by the DNS query result, even if these queries are in the local network (such as query the LAN computer name or shared printer name) will trigger the automatic dialing WinGate, by prohibiting DNS request to allow dial-up solution. By Administrator log on to the Gatekeeper, in the "System" tab, double-click the DNS service (DNS service), the General (General) tab close "to allow start dialing request (Allow request to initiate)" option, click OK, Save your settings.


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